I would blog

March 23, 2009

I would blog, but I can’t really think up much to say.

Work: work is slow. Progressing ok, but I could really do with a nice productive week to set me up in a good mood for spring. As it is, my latest algorithm is showing potential, but annoying, it wouldn’t work quite well enough.

The Als and the Pussycats: have played three gigs in the last two weeks. Whistlebinkies was very disappointing. Sound on stage was terrible ( I could hear myself at least, but not very much of anybody else). An 11pm start, coupled with being cut off half way through our set left me wishing i had just gone to bed instead of heading out. But hey, you win some you lose some. Talking about winning some, the Untapped Talent BotB Finals went pretty well. We came 2nd, and more importantly we played well. So well in fact that I’m pretty sure I complimented Niki. Which doesn’t happen often. To round things off, we played at the Cab again last night, which was probably our final gig, for the time being/current line-up.

AlKandAlC: Zip. Naught. Nadda. Nothing. Although there is a (TBC) gig at the Golden Rule on the 9th. And Ali has just moved back to Edinburgh. Sadly though, the poor man is incredibly busy and I imagine it’ll be a while before we get back into our old routine. Hoping he can make it over for a curry and music evening night on Friday (tempted him buy suggesting I’ll cook my special lamb curry). Truth be told, still a little lost/directionless since the Blue Blazer gig. [Blue Blazer gig was near-perfect, and I can’t imagine bettering it anytime soon, so, well, what should we do?] I guess the answer is to get a nice cd done. But see above comment about Ali K. being very busy.

Cantor: Nothing. I was busy gigging last Thursday so we didn’t do our usual weekly jam. We were going to do some rough recording on Sunday, but Louisa and I borrowed Daisy for the afternoon instead. Hopefully we’ll make a jam this week though. And nearly got a good first draft of two different tracks done!

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Steely Dan and the end of the Pussycats

March 16, 2009

So, first up, STEELY DAN ARE PLAYING IN EDINBURGH. Awesome. Sadly, tickets are north of £50. Not that you can blame the band, i guess it’s one of those “top up the pension” tours (maybe they have a new album out too?). Anyway, tours ain’t cheap, and I imagine the Becker and Fagen will have some top notch musicians in the backing band.

So, do I go? Well, I think I have just decided: YES. And tihnking about it, it isn’t that bad. i must of paid around £30-£40 to see Radiohead play back in 2000. So easily worth the money. If………if I do get a ticket, then 2009 will be turning into a very good musical year.

Omly one problem to my plan: I don’t have £60. Or anybody willing to spend £60 to go with me. And i want a fancy delay pedal for my warr. Hmmm.

In other news, last two (at least for now) Pussycat gigs this week. Looks like there are unlikely to be any other gigs before Niki leaves for his European Tour in June. Never know, a good opportunity might come along, but at the moment, Edinburgh University BotB on Thursday night, and Niki’s friend’s cupcake gig on Sunday are the last two. The, Ali and I have the job of re-learning the (superior IMO) duo set for a gig or two in April. And you never know, we might make some progress on our cd. But don’t count on it. :p I think I’ll leave it with this: band’s been fun but ultimatly, as the review said, unmemorable.

Onto the future…

The future? The future =

  • getting lots of phd done before mid June (which is the end of my 3rd year).
  • (hopefully) a return to the past and play the acosutic stuff with Ali a bit more. Our last gig was easily the most fun I’ve had playing music in years.
  • Cantor! I still doubt we’ll make it out of Matt’s bedroom, but christ, we’re having fun trying. We now have two tunes nearly completion.
  • Summer. Hmmm. Warm weather. Will have to have a think about plans for the summer.

Time passes.

The Als and the Pussycats make Ed Uni BotB Finals

March 2, 2009

As cautiously predicted here, the Als and the Pussycats have made it through to the Edinburgh uni BotB finals. So that’s quite excting. This will be my second time playing in the finals (the first time being with Naeem, Lucy and Emile). Kind of looking forward to the finals: I guess I’m making up for never making BotB finals while at Warwick Uni. Although admittedly, Warwick Uni Bandsoc BotB is somewhat bigger (takes up most of term three with heats, then the best band from each heat went through to the finals held in the main union, to quite a large crowd). I think I have a video of one of my “joke” bands from one year playing in one of the heats – I’ll have to find it and upload it. It’s very bad and I think I’m wearing bootsy collins style shades.

Anyway, more info soon (ie, when i get it).

In other news, I finally got round to buying the Plant/Krauss album. First thoughts: meh. Don’t see what all the fuss is about. Second thoughts: actually, I quite like this. Still prefer her brother’s (?) stuff, but it’s a good listen.

I should try and think of something to do at work now I guess!

An inkling of an idea (Warr progress)

March 1, 2009

Not had a chance to noodle around on the warr for a while. Well, that’s not quite true, I’ve just not really had the enthusiasm (having too much fun jamming with Ali on fretless bass or playing Cantor stuff on the Warr). But I had a wee noodle around on my own earlier. Came up with a little riff which I quite like 🙂 Am wondering if I should try and do something with it! (Ali – want to sing over it? It’s all majory :p)


Oh, i don’t know why the drums kick in at the end, they’re meant to be in at the start. And yes, the timing needs tightened up. But in order to do that i need to watch my hands to figure out which finger is playing what as they’re kind of working on their own at the moment!

One of these days I’m going to have to buy a nice shiny delay pedal. That should keep me amused for hours!