Lexicon Omega Audio Interfaces – Don’t Buy

October 23, 2008


word to the wise. Don’t but a Lexicon audio interface. They’re really badly made (far worse than any Behringer gear i’ve had). The Omega worked great to start with, then the volume knob went crackletastic. Then the next month, the audio would just drop out while i was recording. Useless piece of kit. Luckily, Red Dog Music in Edinburgh are very nice about such things and allowed me to get full credit towards a better card.

That’s all.

Recording Machar Granite

October 21, 2008


thought I’d do a little blog… extend my lunch break by 10 minutes in the hope that my mug of tea sorts out my headache. (Then back to the joys of lit. reviewing. 10k words and counting… although a lot of them are headings, and copy and paste quotes from pdfs. And 5 pages of references).

Anyway, I thought i’d let people know that I’ve been recording some tracks for my friend Eddie (who’s the other half of the slowly evolving Skuas project). You can have a listen to what we’ve done so far at the Garden Edinburgh last.fm page.

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Two Recommendations: Scoosh and Lizzy Parks

October 8, 2008

Hello avid blog reader

Only a quite post here, as I’m still trying to keep afloat in lit. review land….

But still, a new cd, Raise the Rook by Lizzy Parks is great. Produced by Nostalgia 77, one of my favourite artists on Tru-Thoughts. Kinda quirky female vocalist jazz music? Hmmm. But produced by Nostalgia 77, so it’s got a cool dark, yet light undercurrent. Hmm. i’m not very good at this. Or maybe, I am. I have to start using more pointless adjectives, and then I’m well on my way to being a music journalist. Most music journalists are rubbish anyway… if they were actually any good, they’d be on the radio rather than writing crap reviews in newspapers.

A second, more coherent, point to make: Schoosh in Bruntsfield is a great little shop. I took back the broken umbrella I bought for L yesterday, and they gave me a new one, no questions asked. Good customer service eh. Pays well, as I’ll be sure to have a look in the shop when Christmas come around.