Christmas, and Last Night’s Gig at the Ark

December 28, 2008


Christmas was great. I got a bread machine from Louisa, which was a complete surprise. Made my first loaf yesterday. Tasted great, although it was a little soggy… a similar texture to potato scone. Which is exactly what I like about learning how to use bread machines, you get all sorts of variations on the basic loaf. I remember when my mum once (somehow) managed to make a crumpet loaf. It made the best ever toast. Sadly, she’s not been able to replicate it! Anyway, I’m looking forward to making the 2nd loaf today. And eating it with some goats cheese.

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2008 Summary

December 23, 2008

Hello. I’ve noticed that several friends have been doing their reviews of 2008, so I figured I might as well do one myself. It’s been an interesting and productive year.

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Greetings from the new flat

December 15, 2008

Hello. After 18 months in morningside, we’ve (me and the lovely Louisa) have moved down the road. For a very small increase in rent, we’ve got a nice landlord and a nice big roomy top floor flat. Should be able to see across the Forth to Fife on a clear day! And there’s a Church across the road, which is nicer to look at. No more spying on the neighbours across the road :p (We could try spying on God, but I doubt he gets up to much, being fictional and all).

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One Week Left in Morningside

December 5, 2008


Another cold morning. But a nice cup of coffee from the mathematics common room and listening to Dark Side of the Moon is making it more friendly. Which leads me to two points: (a) I hope the credit crunch doesn’t have a knock on effect on the mathematics and computer science department here as I’d hate for the free coffee to dry up. and (b) i think Dark Side of the Mooon is back to being my favourite album. I know it’s not an original choice by any means, but it’s like an old friend.

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Melodic Minor

December 4, 2008


As I haven’t blogged for a while, I thought I’d leave a wee note here to tell everybody that I’ve had enough of D Dorian (thanks Ali!). It’s not all about doing melodic minor keys properly. (I’ve been reading more of Schoenberg’s Theory of Harmony). I can be a bit tricky writting flowing chord progressions (the raised 6th and 7th can force though into lotsof dimished chords which then all need resolved) but the key has a lovely delicate feel to it. Seems a shame that it gets neglected in modern (pop) music. I guess the accidentals and the thought of having a scale that’s different on the way from the way down puts people off. At least, it put me off when I was learning scales on my cello years ago.