Steely Dan and the end of the Pussycats

So, first up, STEELY DAN ARE PLAYING IN EDINBURGH. Awesome. Sadly, tickets are north of £50. Not that you can blame the band, i guess it’s one of those “top up the pension” tours (maybe they have a new album out too?). Anyway, tours ain’t cheap, and I imagine the Becker and Fagen will have some top notch musicians in the backing band.

So, do I go? Well, I think I have just decided: YES. And tihnking about it, it isn’t that bad. i must of paid around £30-£40 to see Radiohead play back in 2000. So easily worth the money. If………if I do get a ticket, then 2009 will be turning into a very good musical year.

Omly one problem to my plan: I don’t have £60. Or anybody willing to spend £60 to go with me. And i want a fancy delay pedal for my warr. Hmmm.

In other news, last two (at least for now) Pussycat gigs this week. Looks like there are unlikely to be any other gigs before Niki leaves for his European Tour in June. Never know, a good opportunity might come along, but at the moment, Edinburgh University BotB on Thursday night, and Niki’s friend’s cupcake gig on Sunday are the last two. The, Ali and I have the job of re-learning the (superior IMO) duo set for a gig or two in April. And you never know, we might make some progress on our cd. But don’t count on it. :p I think I’ll leave it with this: band’s been fun but ultimatly, as the review said, unmemorable.

Onto the future…

The future? The future =

  • getting lots of phd done before mid June (which is the end of my 3rd year).
  • (hopefully) a return to the past and play the acosutic stuff with Ali a bit more. Our last gig was easily the most fun I’ve had playing music in years.
  • Cantor! I still doubt we’ll make it out of Matt’s bedroom, but christ, we’re having fun trying. We now have two tunes nearly completion.
  • Summer. Hmmm. Warm weather. Will have to have a think about plans for the summer.

Time passes.

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