A simple track outline

July 22, 2009


long time no see and all that jazz. We’ll, I’ve been busy making a start on my thesis (83 pages and counting!). But, despite losing our drummer-to-be, and having some worries about Doug (Doug, if you’re reading this, we’re happy to have you, but we ain’t going to chase you up and jamming and practising, etc.  but do get in touch if you want to!), Matt and I have continued to write material for our “band.” The latest track we’ve been working on has turned out to be really really simple. Who’d of though eh. I quite like it though, especially the way the 12/8 bass groove changes (while staying the same) when the 4/4 drums kick in. No doubt it will be a lot of fun to jam with a real drummer and I can imagine us fleshing it out with lots of nice details when we start jamming it. But for the time being, it’s our simplest and shortest track to date 🙂

Swing For Ex

Make: Online : Make a mellotron out of walkmans – Weekend Projects Podcast

July 4, 2009

This is very very cool. I’m adding it to my long long long list of things I hope to do one day!

Make: Online : Make a mellotron out of walkmans – Weekend Projects Podcast