Playing at the Jazz Bar This Sunday

February 22, 2007

🙂 I’ve been offered a timely chance to brush up on my jazz skills, I’ve been asked to play at the Jazz Bar, Edinburgh this Sunday. Some singers night thing which Lucy, the singer in my little student band, is involved with. Should be good fun, and given that it will be vocal bassed, no worries about being given bass solos. 🙂

Singers and musicians perform in aid of Pangolin’s Tea Time, an exciting new Edinburgh theatrical company

There’s also a few Emmerson, Clarke and Trepka gig coming up:

  • 7th March 2007
  • Blue Wednesday at the Forest Cafe, Bristo Place, Edinburgh 8.00 – 11.00pm. Emmerson/Trepka/Clarke and, making a welcome return from Newcastle upon Tyne, Verity Burton and Andy Mackin
  • 18th March 2007
  • The Maltings St Leonards, Edinburgh 8.00-11.00pm. Emmerson/Trepka/Clarke (other acts tbc)
  • 28th March 2007
  • Blue Wednesday at the Forest Cafe, Bristo Place, Edinburgh 8.00 – 11.00pm. Emmerson/Trepka/Clarke and from Newcastle upon Tyne poet Kate Fox

And finally, a debut gig for the new improved Band formally known as Pretty Sound, playing at Henry’s on the 30th March, a little after 8pm. We really need to get a move on an put a set together 🙂

The AlKandAlC version of Billie Jean

February 15, 2007

After getting some nice enthusiastic feedback about the Al and Al cover of Billie Jean earlier this week (a whole month after we actually played it!), I thought I’d upload a live recording of it, from Henry’s Cellar Bar, 22/12/06.

You can download it here.

Last Night’s Blue Wednesday

February 8, 2007

It seems we’re slowly getting better at working the Forest PA and whatnot. Still miss having monitors but you can’t have everything. 🙂 Anyway:

Thanks to Roger for continuing to organise the night. thanks to Anna for playing, great set although I personally preferred the out of tune Forest piano you used last time to the keyboard you used this time. It gave it a certain charm… Thanks to the guy who came up to me to tell that theAlKandAlC cover of Billie Jean was one of the covers he’s heard (I’ll have to try and upload a recording of it one day soon). Only around about 5 months until we can play it again! Woo.

The Emmerson, Trepka and Clarke stage of the gig went ok I guess. I can more or less play all the tunes I think (still need my blue shiney book as a memory aid though) but, at least from my point of view, they’re all very unploished. A drummer would probably help. And in the meantime, I guess we’ll all just have to listen to each other more. Still early days though…


Keeping The Ball Rolling

February 6, 2007

Early Tuesday morning. Thought I had better make sure I got in to the lab first thing, as I spent yesterday working from home. Easily did as much work as I usually get done in the lab (and had fun with analytically maths stuff andLaTeX , ah, so much easier than MS Word). I’ve also upgraded to shiny new Windows Vista. Mainly because I’ve just got a new computer and thought it would sense to upgrade the OS now rather than having to do it latter when I have more programmes and files and am generally busy. Anyway, it went smoothly enough, although I’m not sure if it likes Cubase’s USB dongle.

On a music front, the band formally known as Pretty Sound are going pretty well. Working on a fun 8 track set, hopefully get some gigs soon. And Emmerson, Clarke and Trepkahave started recording. Or at least, Emmerson and Trepka have. Clarke will record the bass parts himself once the guitar parts are down.

And the final exciting news is that I’m getting better at playing my Warr guitar again! I bought an e-book with hundreds of chord shapes. Made a start trying to practise playing them and remembering where they all are.

Righteo, off back to work. 🙂

Emmerson, Clarke & Trepka – Some gig dates

February 2, 2007


I had another fairly productive jam with Nick and Roger last night, despite being pretty shattered. I’ve now learnt Cutaway, so I can now play a whole set! Starting to get familiar with the songs too which will mean that hopefully I can stop worrying about which bit goes where and concentrate on playing something musically interesting! We spent quite a while working on Quiet Life In The City (one of Nick’s songs) too. It’s a nice easy 12 bar, but I find that generally means it requires a lot of work to make it sound good. Blues, easy to learn, hard to master.

Below is our current “tour schedule.” Although playing around Edinburgh (and mainly in the Forest Cafe at that!) with the odd gig in Newcastle isn’t really a tour. But anyway, currently on the cards we have (should hopefully returning the the Bongo Club and playing at Henry’s at some point too!):

7th February 2007

Blue Wednesday at the Forest Cafe, Bristo Place, Edinburgh 8.00 – 11.00pm. Emmerson/Trepka/Clarke and Anna K Jarosz

An old Blue Wednesday Poster

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