From the archives: Some Arping

November 29, 2010

Well, as I’m back blogging, I thought I’d dust off and upload another old tune. From way back when in my Warwick days. I think I must of just discovered arpegators and slap bass when I wrote this one. I can’t think up any other reasons for something so musically tasteless. Still, it’s a colourful tune and fairly upbeat and happy for once.

Some Arping by Riadsala

Also, look, see, I have discovered Soundcloud…

X Factor

November 28, 2010

Well, given that nearly all my friends are either watching the X Factor, or complaining about the X Factor, I thought I might as well add to the overwhelming pile of nonsense. Louisa watches it, and I usually half watch while practising my guitar or playing a computer game.

Firstly: I don’t like the X Factor. But not for the same reason as most my friends who are complaining about it. I don’t like it cause it’s cheap telly. Too many recaps and voice overs and soundbites. And not enough music or analysis. It it was done properly, openly, and honestly, I think it would be fascinating. Simon Cowell is very good at what he does. Who obviously has a very low opinion of the music buying public (probably warranted, as people do buy the XFactor singles, and go to the live shows).  Oh, and another reason i dislike it: the volume of the crowd is far louder than the volume of the music. The moronic screaming is annoying. Also, I think it’s a bit of a shame to see good interesting vocalists go through the X Factor process. A couple of them sounds increasingly dull and bland every show. But again, Simon Cowell knows what he’s doing and whoever wins will end up making him a load of money.

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November 25, 2010

Well well well. Another blog. I’m still here (more on that later).


Anyways, I thought I’d upload 5ives, as it’s about as finished as it’s ever going to get without a serious new source of inspiration. I hope to reuse some of the ideas at a later date. Maybe even pull it apart, rework it, and play it in a band. But for the time being, I’m calling it done.

5ives – Riadsala

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