The Return of AlKandAlC and a really good weekend

February 24, 2009


although it’s now Tuesday, and the happyness and enthusiasm are fading, I had a very good weekend. It didn’t start too well: The Pussycats’ gig at the Ark was a bit crap. Turning up for the soundcheck only to find that we’d been double booked with somebodies party didn’t really help set a good scene. Luckily, we managed to negotiate a 30 min set. But still, somewhat of a downer as the last gig at the Ark back in December went pretty well, and the Cab gig was pretty good too. But hey, you win some you lose some.

Things improved though, with a surprise phone call from Ali on Sat morning.

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Gigs, gigs and more gigs

February 19, 2009

20th Feb – The Als and the Pussycats at The Ark. 8pm.

Yeah, the Ark. I hope Ralph is doing the sound. Fingers crossed I can get a another live recording so we can hear what we actually sound like. Probably cost you £4 or there abouts.

22nd Feb – AlKandAlC at The Listening Room (Blue Blazer). 9pm.

Our first duo gig of 2009! Hopefully we can piece together a new set  this weekend. The evening starts at 8pm with some open mic acts, and Ali and I are on around 9pm. Free!

10th March – The Als and the Pussycats at Whistlebinkies. 11pm.

The first gig at Whistlebinkies for the cats.

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Melodic Minor Modulate Major Etude

February 17, 2009

ok, Maybe etude is over doing it a little, but hey.


This was mainly done as an idea for Cantor (a reprise/coda/outro) for Interlock, But Matt doesn’t like modulating, he’s got something about major keys. I guess maybe I’ve been playing with Ali for too long, as I quite like like major these days. So anyway, I quite like this, and I might try and expand it into a piece in it’s own right. Already some happy accidents are suggesting new ways to develop it.

Oooh. It’s complicated: Korg DS-10

February 12, 2009

My Korg DS-10 arrived today. Had a play for 2 mins before starting work. It looks pretty deep, like a cut down version of FL Studio or something. Once I’ve got some PhDing done this afternoon I’m going to hook the DS up to Cubase and record whatever I come up with while trying to figure out how to use it! Should be fun. 🙂

[EDIT] Ok, I failed to record. For some reason I couldn’t  get a signal from my DS to the Saffire. However, this problem will soon be sorted. Once I find out what’s causing it. Anyway, I just had a play around. This thing is awesome!

Matt James’s Cyan

February 10, 2009

Well, that’s one track down. Several (about 10 I’m told) to go. Woo. I think the new tune is up on his myspace. I’ve been given permission to try adding a ‘cello part, so all I need to do now is relearn the ‘cello.

It's amazing what you can do with kitchen paper and a rubber band

It's amazing what you can do with kitchen paper and a rubber band

the AlKandAlC Recording Weekend – Guitars

February 5, 2009

It’s important to have the right tool for the job. With this in mind, we assembled a whole forest of guitars 🙂

Yes, we love each and every one of them. Well, almost.

Yes, we love each and every one of them. Well, almost.

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Pussycats @ Cab’ Vol. Gig; AlKandAlC @ Viewforth; McMurtry @ Oran Mor

February 3, 2009

Well, that was a busy weekend. First off, The Al’s and the Pussycats played at the Cabaret Voltaire. Good gig – probably one of our best yet, although we only got a 30 min set. I think it’s only beaten by the last Ark gig we played which had the benifit of a longer set, debuting new songs, and the glock 🙂 Plenty more gigs coming up too. Anyway, Friday night was fun. Playing early mean drinking early. Which was fun.

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