Nearly The End For E/T/C

March 29, 2007

Just as we (kind of) settle on a name (E/T/C) and start to get the hang of playing together, it’s all (nearly) over. Last night was the last gig for us at BlueWednesday. Luckily the evening saw one of the best crowds we’ve had and we played well. Al Shields played a great little solo set too, was good to see him play again!

So, what’s left for E/T/C? Well, we still have the album/EP to finish off, hopefully that’ll be done soon. And we have our final gig in Newcastle next Wednesday! (see Roger’s page for details).



A Picture Louisa Drew

March 15, 2007

A Picture of me


March 13, 2007


I’ve been busy recording bass parts for Roger’s EP. It always takes longer than you plan doesn’t it? But the songs are coming along nicely. Meeting up with Roger tomorrow when he can act as “producer” and tell me what he does and doesn’t like. Then I can continue my quest for the perfect take 🙂 Big shame there’s no drummer in the band as some of them are starting to sound like they’d really rock if we had one!

And now, an album recommendation: Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves by TimVan Eyken. Great modern English folk music. I guess it’s a bit like some of Richard Thompsons stuff in places.

On the warr guitar front, it seems like my fingers are finally starting to learn where to go! It still don’t have much coordination, no interlocking parts any time soon. But at least the number of fluffed notes is going down. It is slow progress, but at least it’s noticable! Next time I have a spare hour I might have an other go at trying to play some movements from Bach’s ‘cello suites 🙂

Still no electronica, I guess that’s kind of on hold until either Jan has soem more time, or I sort out my soundcard problem (it’s refusing to give me low latency at the moment). Pretty Sound are still unprepared for their gig (and have no name). The Afro Scot Beat Band will be rehearsing again soon, and I’m having a jam with Sagrenti on Thursday night.

Unfortunatly, the Emmerson, Trepka, Clarke gig this Sunday is only going to be an Emmerson Trepka gig, I can’t make it as the brilliant EST are playing in Edinburgh!

On a final note, last weeks Blue Wednesday was great fun as usual, and Verity was superb. We even all had a silly jam on stage at the end of the night 🙂