London Day Two

November 30, 2007

So, day two. tis been a long day. Mainly of being on my own (Colm’s busy working as week speak, face paced London life, working half 6 on a Friday! Saying that he didn’t get to work til just before noon. Oops, that’s maybe my fault.

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Coming to you live from somewhere in Covent Garden

November 29, 2007

Well, November has turned out to be a pretty crap month. Actually, a really crap month. And my paper still isn’t finished and submitted. And Al and I failed to get any of our recording plans done. Although I did jam with matt and niki. And met a potential singer. So not all bad, but pretty bad.

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Past Works: #1.2 – Clikc

November 27, 2007

Time to upload another tine. I guess somebody somewhere might end up listening (hello – i know who you are!)

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One Band is Born, Another Dies

November 22, 2007

In the space of a week, one band is born, another dies. Or at least, is put into the intensive care ward on life support waiting for an organ donner. Read the rest of this entry »

The Birth of a New Song

November 19, 2007

Just finished a little recording session with Ali

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Recently I have been…

November 13, 2007

Recently I have been…

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