Coming to you live from somewhere in Covent Garden

Well, November has turned out to be a pretty crap month. Actually, a really crap month. And my paper still isn’t finished and submitted. And Al and I failed to get any of our recording plans done. Although I did jam with matt and niki. And met a potential singer. So not all bad, but pretty bad.

So to cheer myself up, I’ve ran away to London. Sadly only for a long weekend though. But still, after listening to Talking Heads no the train down I’m in a suprisingly good mood considering.

So, first of, Blue Wednesday last night. That went really well. Our set (AlKandAl) was slightly more coherent than usual. Although I didn’t enjoy it that much as playing fretless electric bass with no stage monitors (or amp) isn’t much fun as you can’t hear what you’re playing! Tuning is a real issue. Although it did give Al K a chance to do a great Nic Jones cover when I gave up trying to tune by ear (due to not being able to hear any of the notes I was playing). But the lack of enjoyment while playing wasmade up for by the great crowd and other acts. Roger did one of his best sets (at least out of the ones I have heard) and I was introduced to the eclectic Alison and the Mings. Their cellist, Tom (I think his name was!) has offered his services. I’ve been thinking that some cello would sound nice on some of Al’s songs. Although I was thinking I’d play the parts myself (and have a good excuse to dig out my beloved cello) but I guess the advantages of getting somebody else to play it is a) takng a cello and a bass guitar to a gig wouldn’t be much fun. Especially if I want to take my warr too! b) I’m probably fairly useless on my cello so I’d have to spend ages remembering how to bow (which means less time for learning warr.

So, that’s AlandAl (acoustic guitar, loops, vocals and fretless bass), Lucy on some fiddle, Nike on some drums (yep, Al and Al are attempting to play with a drummer for the first time next week!), Tom (if that’s his name) on cello, and another new friend (at least according to Facebook), Caesy, possibly on some backing vocals. Although I very much doubt we’ll all be playing together all the time. But it’s nice to have a pool of friends who can join in on some songs from time to time to keep things varied 🙂

Next gig is a week on Saturday 10pm. Possibly playing as a three of four piece band. Not sure yet… should be good. At a pub called Fresh on Lothian Road.

So, what else? The Sideproject. 🙂 Ah, the sideproject. Matt and I are getting carried away with needlessly complicated music. (me playing bass line and gutiar arps in 7/8 with Matt playing inbetween all my quavers in 4/4 – sounds really pretty, but it’s hard). Looking forward to our next get together. And we’re maybe getting to the stage were we’ll be trying out vocals soon (well, vocalists… need to find somebody who can put up with us!).

And now London. I’d forgotten how busy it is. Makes Edinburgh look like a small Scottish town. The train down was really good, it great to relax, think, listen to music and podcasts, read, and play StarFox on ds (ah, I remember playing it at an old school friend’s house back in primary school.). I’ve just met up with Colm for a brief coffee, and have no been left to my own devices. Found a street with lots of guitar shops on it. Was hoping one might have a warr guitar or stick, so I could “try it out” and have a wee practise, but no such luck. Apparently Colm and I have been invited to a gig tonight, see some band. Not sure what else is in store, hopefully catching up with nick at least.

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  1. Dave says:

    I went down to London on Wednesday on a spontanious whim, in fact I was also in Covent Garden last night for a pint and some dinner, perhaps we walked past each other! I did have starfox DS for the trip down but I’m still hooked on Zelda:PH. There’s plenty here for musicians so make the most of it 🙂

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