One Band is Born, Another Dies

In the space of a week, one band is born, another dies. Or at least, is put into the intensive care ward on life support waiting for an organ donner. Well, to be more exact, a new drummer, but close enough (and a B3 organ would be awesome!). So yes, sadly after a poor 1 rehearsal (well, the rehearsal was great, the “poor” relates to the fact that we only had one of them 😦 ), The Modern Blues is back on hold. Shame really as I really enjoyed playing with Andy on the songs and we were starting to form a solid platform for Roger and Aki to sit on.

At least, there’s also some good news, the long awaited side proejct band finally got together last sunday. And what’s more, we’re jamming again tomorrow night. Hopefully we can remember what we did last weekend 🙂 Oh, and Al and Al are still going, playing at Blue Wednesday  at The Forest Cafe next week. We’ve been working on some recordings, coming up with a new tune and trying to learn a really old tune that was never gigged.

Righteo, back to listening to more PT and trying to implement directionally sensitive inhibition of retun to my vision model…

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