Reality Check

August 24, 2009

Well, we had a jam last night.

The good: Doug. Doug was good. All doubts about Doug have gone away. Obviously he just needed told to go practise a few times. 🙂

The better: Adam, the drummer we were jamming out. Best drummer I’ve played in for years. Was a lot of fun.

The bad: we’re not good enough for Adam, so we’ll have to continue our search for a drummer. Matt and I are both very out of practise playing with a drummer and are too used to playing off each other.

Oh well. Never know, maybe the guy will see some potential and jam with us a few times. But its unlikely, esp as he has a guitarist friend along too, and we have no use for a third guitarist.

We will keep on looking.

Now…. time to work on the thesis….

I need to practise more

August 19, 2009

A good little Cantor jam at Banana Row last night. Well, Matt and I have our usual fun and Doug was Doug. I find it hard to work out what’s going in his head. He seems to alternate between coming up with something magical on gutair, and just being a bit useless. A very different guitarist from Matt, and I think the band will benefit from having both of them 🙂 We also had our new singer (hopefully) along, and that went pretty well. Hoping she thought the same, and then we have an offical 4th member. Then we just need a drummer to finish things off. In the meantime, we always have my DS with the Korg DS10 😀 Oh, and we’re coving some King Crimson tunes, so I’m a happy bunny.

On the downside, I really need to start practising properly. Lots. So, am going to aim for an hour a day and see how i get on with that. I have a LOT to do.

Keep working on warr basics, and get faster at playing repeating notes. This’ll tighten up ToaPP.

Get properly really good at playing the little chord progression I came up with for my warr. As it would make a nice little tune. Unfortunatly I wrote some akward changes into it and have to get more accurate with my pinky! And avoid unintentional string bends when I do a large position shift.

Get back into the swing of things with my fretless bass playing (bass playing full stop really). Since I’ve not played with Ali K for months, my bass playing is pretty rusty. Far too many fluffled notes.

Learn how to use a plectrum

Make funk fingers and learn Sleepless as Matt really wants to play it.

Oh, and I have a PhD thesis to write…..


A Blog for August

August 13, 2009

So, what’s been happening? Hmm. PhD has been progressing: 91 pages done. Going to start re-writing my stochastic search paper so I can resubmit it, it’ll hopefully get sent to more favourable reviewers. And I’ll maybe put some sentences in bold.

Music: Cantor is going in an odd direction. Fun though. Despite still not having a drummer or singer. We have one of each to try out though, so fingers crossed 🙂

Hoping Ali finishes his phd soon and decides he’d like to play some more duo stuff as I miss playing around on the fretless with him.

Had an ok birthday. Am 27 now. That’s only just still mid-twenties. Am getting old.