A load of old music by me (and some friends). I’ll upload more as I sort through it.

#1 – Solo Work

This is what i get up to when I can’t find any friends to paly sensible music with – I mess about on my comptuer and come up wwith daft music.  Mainly electronica I guess. I don’t do mcuh these days, which is sad. But not that sad as most the things stopping me are good 🙂 Such as playing live a lot more and collaberating with other people 🙂

#1.1 – la-ng

#1.2 – clikc

#1.3 – some arping

#2 – puRe et Riadsala: Eivind Voli EP

This is probably the best of my electronic stuff. It was a ‘net collaberation between myself and Jan Nemecek (aka puRe): it started Autumn 2004 and continued until sometime in 2006, at which point Jan became too busy and successful. There’s still some talk of remixing/mastering the tracks and finishing off a final tune to make an album, but I doubt it will happen any time soon.

#2.1 – Cinematik

#2.2 – Melotron

#2.3 – BOC

#2.4 – Politiku

#2.5 – VAT

#2.6 – Fast

#2.7 – Weather

#3 – AlKandAlC

Here are some remixes and rough live recordings.

#3.1 – She Cried and He Lied – Riadsala Remix

#3.2 – Trees (live at Blue Wednesday, the Forest Cafe, 06/02/08)

#3.3 – All Breaks Down (live at Blue Wednesday, the Forest Cafe, 06/02/08)

#4 – Collaborations with Bard Edlundart

#4.1 – From Here To Nowhere

#4.2 – In Memories

#4.3 – You Said It

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