Past Works: #1.1 – La-ng

I’ve recently realised that very little of my music is online anymore. A few tracks on myspace and that’s about it. I used to have a few on an old website, but that went belly up a last year. So i thought I should re-upload some tunes. Mainly as it seems a shame to have a load of tunes that just sit on my hard disk. Sure, 90% of the satisfaction comes from the process, but it’s always nice to have somebody listen to a tune now and then.

So, in the remote chance that somebody does want to listen to it, here’s track 1.1, cryptically entitled La-ng.

The track is long for me: nearly 10 minutes! It’s based around a piano motif taken from an aborted collaboration between myself and my good friend Moz. The little melody fragment starts pretty near the start and runs through most the track. I’m pretty proud of this tune, and I really like the way it shifts time signature. I remember the piano riff wasn’t an exact number of beats so it loops in an odd way. I just built more stuff on top of it and then spent ages fitting the drums to the music rather than fitting the music to the groove. Took ages, but I like the result. It may not be the best produced track but I like the detail in it.

I’ll post some more music in the near future.

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