Cycling Edinburgh to London Day 6

Looking back across Robin Hood’s Bay

A nice fresh morning for a short ride down to Scarborough. We were hoping to get there early, find a bike shop, and then eat a leisurely breakfast while the bike is getting fixed.  Easy huh.

Google Maps continues to offer some, err, slightly less than ideal cycle route suggestions

This first leg turned out to down following a disused railway line, although unlike yesterday, it was pretty overgrown in places. I guess there isn’t a whole lot of traffic out this way. Good thing we both really enjoy cycling through stinging nettles. Oh yes. Fun times ahead. And I haven’t had breakfast yet. Or even a coffee.

I’m sure there was view like this a day or so ago, wasn’t there? All these ruins atop coastal cliffs are blurring into one another.

Breakfast turned out to be pretty good. A properly unhealthy full breakfast, with lots of coffee. It’s not like we had much else to do while we waited for Micha’s bike to be sorted out. Might as well enjoy the downtime right?

A pirate ship! It just looks like a toy ship as it’s a long way away. But it’s not a toy ship. It’s a proper big ship. A proper big pirate ship!

Getting out of Scarborough is a bit confusing, and Google Maps on my phone appears to be having fun directing us around busy pedestrian-only shopping streets, or towards busy A roads. I know the national cycle route is around here somewhere? Luckily, we spot some German cyclists who are also heading south, and we decide to follow them. They seem a lot more organised than we are.

The plan is a good one, and we make nice progress out into the countryside. It isn’t long until I find the perfect place to stop for coffee and cake:

I wasn’t expecting to find a distillery down here. I also hadn’t realised that we were still in Yorkshire. We’re still in Yorkshire?  We’ve been in Yorkshire for days. It’s going to take ages to get to Essex. England is larger than I thought. Good thing there are some nice looking cakes to eat here.

After the distillery, there was one last hill, and then, that was that. I think it’s all (relatively) flat from here on.

We’re on a road to nowhere
Come on inside
Taking that ride to nowhere
We’ll take that ride
I’m feeling okay this morning
And you know
We’re on the road to paradise
Here we go, here we go

It feels like we’re making good time, the weather is near perfect and the roads are traffic-free. The only holdups are the odd level crossing. Seems like a nice afternoon for a quiet beer at a village pub. Sadly, it seems like this isn’t going to work, as all the village pubs are closed. We eventually make do with eating an apple outside of a village pub. It’s not really the same.

All very scenic. Just a shame it isn’t open.

We get to our campsite at Beverley more or less on time (not counting getting a little lost in the suburbs to the south of the city and completely missing the cycle path. Again). After getting the tent pitched, we treat ourselves to a taxi into town to a surprisingly good Italian restaurant. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of Beverley before, but it’s a really nice town. The Minster is quite impressive too.

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