Off to the Netherlands

August 23, 2008

ouch. That’s the alarm set for 4:00am. 😦 Taxi booked for 4:30am. Plane at 6:00am.

On the plus side, I’ll get to Amsterdam in plenty of time for a look see before having to head to Utrecht for the Perception Lecture: Exploring motion in depth with the dichoptoscope. I don’t even know what a dichoptoscope is. I feel a little out of my depth. My knowledge of perception and psychology are about equal to my knowledge of Computer Science. Which is somewhat worse than my abltiy to spell properlely.

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What a Great Timewaster (Project Euler)

August 22, 2008

Thanks to xkcd, today I discovered Project Euler. Which is great. It’s basically a list of interesting little numerical problems… you write some code, and type in the answer. It means I can brush up on my matlab skills while solving puzzles. And if anybody spots what I’m doing, they’ll jsut think I’m working. Brilliant.

Only done the first 4: for some reason my elegant solution to number 5 didn’t work. And then I started getting worried about my presentation. So managed to stop playing with problems and move onto powerpoint.

Am starting to get worried about it.

AlKandAlC: Live and Out of Tune at the Ark 130808

August 18, 2008


played a couple of gigs at the Ark last week. First up was the acoustic duo. Gig went great. Shame there was no real crowd to play to (but thanks to Louisa, Jenny and Harriet for coming down though!). Also, it’s a shame Ali’s guitar wouldn’t stay in tune with itself. But hey, it helped mask my out of tune notes 🙂

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AlKandAlC Gigs (and EP) and the birth of Skuas

August 12, 2008


First up, gig plug! Hope some of you can make it along. Am really looking forward to an old-styleee duo gig with Ali. And then on Sunday, first gig for the band with the new expanded line-up. Hope it goes well!

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The Big Chill 2008

August 5, 2008

Had a great time, lots of fun, and saw lots of good music. A few downers though.

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