Christmas Eve – still working on my thesis

December 24, 2009


it’s gone 3pm on Christmas Eve and I’m still working on my thesis. Ho hum. Nearly finished now though. But, I think I’m about to run out of steam and will leave a few ends bits for next week.

Happy Christmas.

Early December

December 5, 2009

Hello avid followers. Hmmm. I wonder if anybody still reads this blog! Who knows.

Anyway, a certain amount of good news:

The thesis is nearly finished. And I have my RA job almost sorted out for next year. The ‘cello playing is going from strength to strength, although I miss playing bass now. Oh well. Will be playing live on my cello, for the first time in nearly a decade this weekend! Somewhat nervous, as I know I’ll be hitting some horrible out of tune notes. But, hey, mistakes are milestones along the path of progress.

I’m also slowly building up some enthusiasm for playing the warr guitar some more. I’ve been listening to some old tracks I recorded, and am thinking I’d like to do some more in the near year.