a new mix of She Cried and He Lied

I now have a 1st draft of the riadsala mix of She Cried and He Lied. Lyrics, vocals and guitar by Alastair Kilgour, bass and other stuff by me. Any feedback much welcome!

Not too long til Al K is back from the states and I’m looking forward to playing all these tunes live again! I’m quite proud of the bass parts I’ve written for most the songs – they’re all really good fun to play!

On a (slightly) unrelated note, i was listening to Hendrix for the first time in ages on the bus to uni this morning. I guess I’m developing an rock itch!

2 Responses to a new mix of She Cried and He Lied

  1. Lucy says:

    Cool mix, I like the Egg Shaker! And the little zoopy-bubbly noises in the background towards the end!

  2. M.T.Pilot says:

    Listening now,

    *Like the combination of electronics and folk. Nice and subtle..maybe a bit too subtle..? A bit more elctronics..?
    *around 1:28 strange panning thingy..bit distracting..just at that point.
    *very cool blog set up, b.t.w.! How did you get that sort of pop-up player thingy going?
    *nice bass recording quality



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