London Day Two

So, day two. tis been a long day. Mainly of being on my own (Colm’s busy working as week speak, face paced London life, working half 6 on a Friday! Saying that he didn’t get to work til just before noon. Oops, that’s maybe my fault.

So, today. I had a read of Time Out, and found out there’s a new biography about John Martyn out. So went of to Borders to try and buy it. Spent a while looking round the Biography section for it to no avail. Turns out only the likes of Jordan and Wayne are important enough to have their life stories in the Biography section. The John Martyn book turned up on another floor in the “rock” section. Not where I’d file it myself…

So, I’ve spent a while reading that in cafes. It’s pretty interesting, all the gory details of his hedonistic lifestyle round Soho in hte 60’s. Whereas I’m sitting in cafe’s around Soho reading about it. Guess I’m a few decades to late and just don’t have the sex drugs and rock n roll lifestyle. Ah well.

This afternoon i also made a pilgramige to the Natural History Museum. What an amaznig place! It’s like a cathedral, but without the need for all that god stuff: a celebration of the planet with no need for any myths.

Unfortunatly I still have an hour or so to kill before Colm eventually finishes work… and then off to somebody I don’t know’s birthday party. Should hopefully be fun. And the weekend should be good, hopefully catch up with some old friends… On the downside I’ve realised I’m not really looking forward to getting back to life in Edinburgh… the same old pubs, faces and things to do.

But then I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. And my PhD will hopefully get more interesting again once I finish and submit my paper. No idea what I’m going to do with myself once I finish though. Guess I’m maybe starting to doubt some of the choices I made a few years back.

* Good news, Nick Trepka (former band mate) has just texted me! I can end all this intorspectve reflection and go socalise and cheer myself up again 🙂

(downside is I won;t be spell checking this. But I can blame most the typos on the ‘orrible keyboard in the grimey net cafe)

Bye bye. I’m off back into dark rainy London!

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