The Two Rs – SFE

September 25, 2012

Hello. Here’s a tune from a collaboration I was working on with Rod and Angie through in Glasgow.

I’m quite pleased with the polyrhythm between the 6/8 and the 4/4. I can’t see this tune ever getting a final polish. Which, is a shame as Rod (guitars/drum programming) is an excellent sound engineer and could no doubt do a far better job on the mix than I can.


Two versions of Don’t be a Stranger

May 28, 2012

I’m hoping to get a new PC this autumn and in an attempt to cut down on the amount of stuff I’ll need to backup and copy across to a new system, I’m slowly going through old Cubase, FL Studio and Reaper projects and working out what to keep and what to bin. There’s a lot of half done stuff kicking around on my hard disc drive.

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From the archives: Some Arping

November 29, 2010

Well, as I’m back blogging, I thought I’d dust off and upload another old tune. From way back when in my Warwick days. I think I must of just discovered arpegators and slap bass when I wrote this one. I can’t think up any other reasons for something so musically tasteless. Still, it’s a colourful tune and fairly upbeat and happy for once.

Some Arping by Riadsala

Also, look, see, I have discovered Soundcloud…


November 25, 2010

Well well well. Another blog. I’m still here (more on that later).


Anyways, I thought I’d upload 5ives, as it’s about as finished as it’s ever going to get without a serious new source of inspiration. I hope to reuse some of the ideas at a later date. Maybe even pull it apart, rework it, and play it in a band. But for the time being, I’m calling it done.

5ives – Riadsala

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A simple track outline

July 22, 2009


long time no see and all that jazz. We’ll, I’ve been busy making a start on my thesis (83 pages and counting!). But, despite losing our drummer-to-be, and having some worries about Doug (Doug, if you’re reading this, we’re happy to have you, but we ain’t going to chase you up and jamming and practising, etc.  but do get in touch if you want to!), Matt and I have continued to write material for our “band.” The latest track we’ve been working on has turned out to be really really simple. Who’d of though eh. I quite like it though, especially the way the 12/8 bass groove changes (while staying the same) when the 4/4 drums kick in. No doubt it will be a lot of fun to jam with a real drummer and I can imagine us fleshing it out with lots of nice details when we start jamming it. But for the time being, it’s our simplest and shortest track to date 🙂

Swing For Ex

Melodic Minor Modulate Major Etude

February 17, 2009

ok, Maybe etude is over doing it a little, but hey.


This was mainly done as an idea for Cantor (a reprise/coda/outro) for Interlock, But Matt doesn’t like modulating, he’s got something about major keys. I guess maybe I’ve been playing with Ali for too long, as I quite like like major these days. So anyway, I quite like this, and I might try and expand it into a piece in it’s own right. Already some happy accidents are suggesting new ways to develop it.

Recording Machar Granite

October 21, 2008


thought I’d do a little blog… extend my lunch break by 10 minutes in the hope that my mug of tea sorts out my headache. (Then back to the joys of lit. reviewing. 10k words and counting… although a lot of them are headings, and copy and paste quotes from pdfs. And 5 pages of references).

Anyway, I thought i’d let people know that I’ve been recording some tracks for my friend Eddie (who’s the other half of the slowly evolving Skuas project). You can have a listen to what we’ve done so far at the Garden Edinburgh page.

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AlKandAlC: Live and Out of Tune at the Ark 130808

August 18, 2008


played a couple of gigs at the Ark last week. First up was the acoustic duo. Gig went great. Shame there was no real crowd to play to (but thanks to Louisa, Jenny and Harriet for coming down though!). Also, it’s a shame Ali’s guitar wouldn’t stay in tune with itself. But hey, it helped mask my out of tune notes 🙂

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AlKandAlC Gigs (and EP) and the birth of Skuas

August 12, 2008


First up, gig plug! Hope some of you can make it along. Am really looking forward to an old-styleee duo gig with Ali. And then on Sunday, first gig for the band with the new expanded line-up. Hope it goes well!

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New Track: You Said It

July 4, 2008

At long last, here’s a new electronic-y track from me. Thanks to Edlundart for vocals and guitar. Read the rest of this entry »