An inkling of an idea (Warr progress)

Not had a chance to noodle around on the warr for a while. Well, that’s not quite true, I’ve just not really had the enthusiasm (having too much fun jamming with Ali on fretless bass or playing Cantor stuff on the Warr). But I had a wee noodle around on my own earlier. Came up with a little riff which I quite like 🙂 Am wondering if I should try and do something with it! (Ali – want to sing over it? It’s all majory :p)


Oh, i don’t know why the drums kick in at the end, they’re meant to be in at the start. And yes, the timing needs tightened up. But in order to do that i need to watch my hands to figure out which finger is playing what as they’re kind of working on their own at the moment!

One of these days I’m going to have to buy a nice shiny delay pedal. That should keep me amused for hours!

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