The Return of AlKandAlC and a really good weekend


although it’s now Tuesday, and the happyness and enthusiasm are fading, I had a very good weekend. It didn’t start too well: The Pussycats’ gig at the Ark was a bit crap. Turning up for the soundcheck only to find that we’d been double booked with somebodies party didn’t really help set a good scene. Luckily, we managed to negotiate a 30 min set. But still, somewhat of a downer as the last gig at the Ark back in December went pretty well, and the Cab gig was pretty good too. But hey, you win some you lose some.

Things improved though, with a surprise phone call from Ali on Sat morning.

Although he’d been planning on coming back up to Edinburhg later in the afternoon, it turns out that we were due to play an audition for the Ed Uni BotB. Talk about late notice! Anyhow, we strolled up at 2pm, plugged in and rocked out playing a wee set of our best songs (All Breaks Down, Emily and Back to the House). I think it went pretty well, judges were nice. We probably (hopefully) stand out from the other bands by being slightly different – some odd mix of folk, folk-rock, pop, indie, blues, with the odd funk bassline from yours truely (disco octaves!!!). On the downside, we’re not as good as we should be (when am I ever happy with a what I’ve got eh? *), three of us are final year phds, so somewhat older than the rest of the young tikes, and we’ve not really had anything to do with the uni music scene up til now.

Anyway, it went pretty well,

* When am i ever happy with a musical project? last weekend playing with Ali. It was great fun. It’s not often that I get a good chance to play my fretless bass these days, and it was great fun. I feel quite at home on the instrument, at least, I’m a lot happier playing without frets than playing with, and I don’t have to concentrate like I do when playing the 10 string Warr. So that was a joy. And the gig? The gig was lovely. We both played well, and the venue and crowd were great. There was some good (Louisa may disagree) banter between Ali and I, which seemed to go down well, etc etc.

I should stop being happy and saying how well I think we’ve done. I’ll get big headed. But hey, a really fun weekend. Watching Louisa and Ali play Streetfighter2 was also great fun 🙂

2 Responses to The Return of AlKandAlC and a really good weekend

  1. Alastair Kilgour says:

    Such a fun weekend!
    Thank you both 🙂
    Still enthusiastic and happy….

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