The Als and the Pussycats make Ed Uni BotB Finals

As cautiously predicted here, the Als and the Pussycats have made it through to the Edinburgh uni BotB finals. So that’s quite excting. This will be my second time playing in the finals (the first time being with Naeem, Lucy and Emile). Kind of looking forward to the finals: I guess I’m making up for never making BotB finals while at Warwick Uni. Although admittedly, Warwick Uni Bandsoc BotB is somewhat bigger (takes up most of term three with heats, then the best band from each heat went through to the finals held in the main union, to quite a large crowd). I think I have a video of one of my “joke” bands from one year playing in one of the heats – I’ll have to find it and upload it. It’s very bad and I think I’m wearing bootsy collins style shades.

Anyway, more info soon (ie, when i get it).

In other news, I finally got round to buying the Plant/Krauss album. First thoughts: meh. Don’t see what all the fuss is about. Second thoughts: actually, I quite like this. Still prefer her brother’s (?) stuff, but it’s a good listen.

I should try and think of something to do at work now I guess!

One Response to The Als and the Pussycats make Ed Uni BotB Finals

  1. Lucycat says:

    The Plant/Krauss album is a definite grower. I’m a massive Alison fan, but I didn’t go for it entirely at first either, it’s quite different from her ususal bluegrassy stuff. And I don’t think the single they released is the greatest track on the whole cd. But it has become a Sunday morning favourite.

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