Cantor: Taking the obvious step.

Well, this should be interesting. I guess it will be a good reality check for Cantor. Although, of course, if it doesn’t work, we will continue with the elitist arrogance, at least for a while longer. Cause it’s fun. And we’re better than you.*

So, anyway, on tonight’s menu, we will be by doing the obvious. Now you may ask, does doing the obvious not go against everything you pretend to believe in? Well, we would answer that question with a “yes, but…” with the but being we have a band with a Warr Guitar and two normal guitars, one of which is being enticed to play in NST. So of course we’re going to bloody well try and play a King Crimson song.

And what better song to choose than Three of a Perfect Pair:

She is susceptible
He is impossible
They have their cross to share
Three of a perfect pair…
He has his contradicting views
She has her cyclothymic moods
They make a study in despair
Three of a perfect pair…

One, one too many
Schizophrenic tendencies
Keeps it complicated
Keeps it agggravated
And full of this hopelessness
What a perfect mess…

On the surface its pretty pop for Crimson. It’s got a good tune, nothing outrageously complicated. But then you dig a bit deeper. Genius. My respect for Tony Levin has increased considerably after spending a while learning his part. And while it’s not too hard to play – I’ll have to get practising those semiquaver runs, playing quickly on the same note is tricky when tapping – I’m more impressed by the actual line. There’s no way I’d ever come up with a groove like that for a song in 6/8. Very clever. I’m hoping I’ll learn a bit from it and be able to incorporate some similar stuff in my ideas. And it should really help with making my warr bass playing more fluid 🙂

* I hope you people can tell when we’re joking and when we’re being serious.

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