Bread Blog 2


the other day we put the bread machine to great use and made a calzone:



Worked a treat! And there was some left for lunch the next day! It was even better than the pizza we made with Ali the week before!

And bread fans, yes, you!, currently, I am in the process of, making, can you tell I can hardly contain my excitment, no, me neither, anyway, currently, I am trying to make….. baps! For my lunch tomorrow! The world of bread is indeed an exciting one. I think i’ll buy some of the Wallace & Gromit branded flour next time I’m in Waitrose. 🙂

What else? Went to the beach yesterday:

Me, by the sea

Me, by the sea

That was good. And we played on the 10p slot machines.

Today we went to the fudge shop. And bought some very tasty fudge. Although Louisa has eaten it all now. 😦

And, err, that’s about it.

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