the weekend is nearly over. Been a good weekend though. 🙂 Friday night I went to see Preston Reed with some friends. Which was good. The Lot is a lovely wee venue (I hope to play there one day), and it’s nice walking distance home. A couple of (expensive) beers, and some good chat from Matt and Doug. A nice evening 🙂

Oh, the day before was pretty exciting too. Had the first practise with Matt and Doug this year. Maybe that was why I enjoyed Friday so much. Anyway, the band is now called Cantor and has a myspace to boot. Yes, it’s kind of similar to my old old old uni rock band Cantus Cealestius (shout out to Moz, Justin, Rik and Dan), [It appears that Cantus now longer have an Internet presence. Oh for those heady days before Myspace!]

Anyway, I didn’t come up with the name Cantus, and I didn’t pick Cantor. Anyway, Cantor: set theory and the transfinite. Yes, naming your band after the guy who defined infinity is maybe a little bit too much, but I can’t see things getting any more sensible from here on in. We’ve already turned our back on drummers, at least for the time being: we think it is unlikely that we’ll find a drummer that we’d like anytime soon. We also think it is unlikely that we’d find a drummer who’d like us anytime soon too. So just giving up seemed a sensible suggestion. If you are reading this and you are a drummer (a good drummer, who doesn’t mind playing simply and who doesn’t mind playing complicatedly) then please get in touch. Ditto for keyboard/electronic people. As long as you don’t mind playing next to nothing sometimes.

Anyway, Cantor. All good. I’ve uploaded some things in progress. None of these have Doug on them and none of them are finished. Some of them might have vocals added. Some of them might be dropped completely. But it’s a start. And it’s probably not what you were expecting. It turns out we don’t rock. At all. At least for now. Maybe that will change. There is talk of me playing distorted lead warr over some Matt+Doug interplay.

What’s more, is anybody else as impressed that StupidChordProg works so well? I can’t wait to hear what that one sounds like when it’s finished! I currently have little idea 😀 I also look forward to hearing Clip3(45) once the guitar parts have been written. The mp3 currently up is like a blueprint. Imagine polychords and stuff 🙂

So, on to saturday. which started kinda ok, with a Pussycat practise. Sadly though, i’m not really feeling the pussycat vibe right now. Apologies to everybody. Probably down to a  couple of reasons:

  • having to turn down a AlKandAlC gig: we were offered the featured artist slot at the Listening Room, but (very sensibly) Ali decided to give it a miss and work on his PhD. Which is fair enough really. Poor Ali is very busy, and the last thing he needs is me giving him more distractions (although Louisa has been helping him with study charts and gold star incentives!).
  • a sneaking suspicion that some of the songs are better in their old form. Which wouldn’t be a problem if they were still getting played in the duo form. But band are now the main vehicle. Which seems a shame. Listening to a live version of Amy (Henry’s 2006) and comparing with the band version (pretty much exactly 2 years later), I’m pretty sure I like the old one more. 😦 Guess it takes away from the enjoyment of it all a little for me. It’s still great fun playing, and I couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people to play with. But, well, it just doesn’t seem as satisfying.

On the plus side:

  • Gig at the Cab. Which I’m looking forward to. Niki’s doing a grand job of sorting stuff out.
  • The same weekend, hopefully Al and I are going to get some more rough tracks done for the album, and record some of Ali’s solo stuff (which I really like, desipte not getting to play on them!).
  • On that very same weekend, we’re off to see James McMurtry. 😀
  • My PhD is going well well at the moment.
  • All in all, 2009 is turning out well so far.

Oh, and I’ve also been making progress recording Matt James‘s album for him. Slow going, but getting there. Quite rewarding too. 🙂

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