New song from Al K; Gig with Roger; Experiment

After a long silence, there’s some new music on the AlKandAlC site, a new song from Al K (who’s currently still in California). Head over to the AlKandAlC site if you want to have a listen. Or wait until September when we’ll hopefully be gigging again :p

I also have a gig coming up at the end of this month: Roger and I are returning to Henry’s on the 30th.  Sadly Nick Trepka won’t be joining us (as he’s now living down South, having just returned from an awe inspiring trip round India). Ahmed Remally will be stepping into Nick’s shoes on lead guitar, so hopefully it will be a good gig 🙂

On a more work related note, if any of my friends in Edinburgh read this (somebody must be reading this as there are now 200+ hits), would you like to do a little experiment I’m carrying out as part of my PhD? It would involve  going to Heriot-Watt. I’ll buy you a coffee in return! 🙂

And finally, Richard Thompson’s new album, Sweet Warrior, is excellent. So go buy it if you like that kind of thing.

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