Sagrenti, Kernel & Blue Wednesday

Now that Benny’s band has come to an end (at least for the time being, I imagine there might be future gigs as the first one was pretty good), it’s time to find some new projects. Two of them are African based bandsa, Kernel and Sagrenti.

I’ve had a few rehearsals with Sylvain and friends (who make up Kernel) but due to upcoming gigs (namely, the launch of a new afro-beat club night at the Bongo Club) there isn’t really time to get me up to speed properly, so I won’t be playing the gig. All very sensible really…

..especially when  I’m trying to find time to jam with Sam (who you can see playing the djembe on the youtube clip below) and his band, Sagrenti. He’s been trying to organise something for a few months now, and finally, we should be having a jam this Thursday. I’m looking forward to it. Apparently there might be a few Edinburgh festival in the pipeworks…

And finally, I had a fun jam with Roger again.  We tried reworking a couple of e/t/c tracks so they worked without Nick and Roger showed me a few old songs of his. Hopefully we’ll play a little set together at Blue Wednesday this week 🙂

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