A Couple of Upcoming Gigs.

I’ll be accompanying the Bluesfather, Roger Emmerson, at Henry’s this Saturday (30th). It’ll be the first outing for us as a duo since the wonderful Nick Trepka left for India, so please do come along and see how we cope without him. I might even attempt a bass solo. 🙂


We should also be playing again on the 13th July as part of a special “Blue Friday” that Roger is organising. It’ll be great to hear some of the Blue Wednesday Forest Cafe favorites playing in a venue with a decent p.a. 🙂


Rehearsals with Sagrenti are coming along nicely although we still need to find a singer. I’m also having coming up with more ideas for tweaking songs for the AlKandAlC album (never know, we might actually get a decent EP/demo together by the end of the year), getting better at my Warr guitar and writing not very good lyrics 🙂


Hopefully see you Saturday.

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