Christmas, and Last Night’s Gig at the Ark


Christmas was great. I got a bread machine from Louisa, which was a complete surprise. Made my first loaf yesterday. Tasted great, although it was a little soggy… a similar texture to potato scone. Which is exactly what I like about learning how to use bread machines, you get all sorts of variations on the basic loaf. I remember when my mum once (somehow) managed to make a crumpet loaf. It made the best ever toast. Sadly, she’s not been able to replicate it! Anyway, I’m looking forward to making the 2nd loaf today. And eating it with some goats cheese.

I also got a couple of good cds (well, I assume good, I haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet). And some books (ditto). And some other stuff. All in all, a great nice relaxing day. Played Carcassonne lots with Louisa (who’s surprisingly good and can usually beat me!)

One a different topic, last night saw the return of the Al and Al band, now called The Als and the Pussycats (thanks to Niki for the pun!). The set was a little rusty (haven’t played since August I think!!!) and we had two new songs (well, new to the band). And I was playing around with a little glockenspiel. Given all that, it went surprisingly well. You can listen for yourself here. Really looking forward to the next jam/gig. Especially that the speeding up/slowing down issues are getting resolved. Slowly turning into a really nice little band, made even nicer by the people in it.

That’s about all. I’m going to go and mentally prepare… I think a trip into town is planned for this afternoon. Harriet has already informed my that Next is like a war zone. Fingers crossed I can find a  nice new jacket/coat in the sales. And I’ll try and refrain from spending money on anything else! (well, maybe the concluding half of the giant Peter Hamilton scifi space opera nonsense, as I finished the first half just last week.).

Wish me luch!

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  1. […] probably one of our best yet, although we only got a 30 min set. I think it’s only beaten by the last Ark gig we played which had the benifit of a longer set, debuting new songs, and the glock Plenty more […]

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