Pussycats @ Cab’ Vol. Gig; AlKandAlC @ Viewforth; McMurtry @ Oran Mor

Well, that was a busy weekend. First off, The Al’s and the Pussycats played at the Cabaret Voltaire. Good gig – probably one of our best yet, although we only got a 30 min set. I think it’s only beaten by the last Ark gig we played which had the benifit of a longer set, debuting new songs, and the glock 🙂 Plenty more gigs coming up too. Anyway, Friday night was fun. Playing early mean drinking early. Which was fun.

Then, the weekend was spent working at the AlKandAlC album and recording some of Ali’s lovely solo stuff. I think we maybe got a third of his album done 🙂 The AlKandAlC recording was less productive (as expected). I (and possibly Ali too) always forget how hard some of our music is to play well. I guess we didn’t make life easy for ourselves by picking the (old old) old version of Amy to start with. She’s turning into an epic 6 minute track. 🙂 If we can play her that is. Anyway, things are progressing nicely, even if there doesn’t seem to be much to show for it!

Sunday night saw me feeling somewhat worse for wear, (an oncoming cold, somewhat dehydrated after just drinking coffee and beer/wine all weekend, etc). But I got driven through to Glasgow by Ali, who probably enjoyed me being my somewhat less than talkative self. Still, I perked up in time for the gig. And boy, what a gig it was. Started off with David Olney, who I knew nothing about. And hey, he was great. Especially the other half of the duo (Sergio Webb) who was somewhat of a wizard on the telecaster.

And then the man himself, (James McMurtry) with the Heartless Bastards. Who lived up to expectations easily. Basically, they’re the worlds best pub band. They play every week (when not on tour) in a club in Austin Texas, and is shows. McMurtry is a great song writer and the Heartless Bastards are one hell of a solid backing band. They rock. And I know wish I could do backing vocals in my wee band. Although i should probably continue keeping my trap shut.

So that’s got me all fired up for the band again. (Well, that and Ali’s new toy…). Hopefully things will continue to tighten up and go along a merry road and we’ll grow into a solid kickass band. Which is what makes the bassist in me happy.

Monday was pretty good too. I took the day off work, worried about coming down with a cold. But having a lie in seemed to sort it out (worked out well as I’m now filled with enthusiasm for working this week!). And Monday it snowed. I’ll post on that later 🙂

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