Rainy Monday Morning Thoughts (Email to Ali K)

Morning Ali


Half an hour standing in the rain
As the bus didn’t turn up
Sore head.

Should of skipped going to the Mercat with Roger

Time to apply my Good Idea (from Friday)

Looking forward to jam tomorrow.

Lorraine should be stopping by to join in and discuss ideas for collective

I wonder, if things go well, maybe we could try quick rough and ready recording.

Am cememting plans with Lindsay.

May take time though

But I can wait.

I love starting new projects.

The sense of optomising, could end up with really good music

Of course, it never pans out that way.

But it’s fun thinking about.

And hey,

I might get a song out of it, with me on my warr guitar.

Louisa’s off on holiday tomorrow.

Will be on my own for two weeks.

I’m going to have to remember how to cook for myself again.

Just me, with my guitars to keep me company.

Sounds like a good idea just now, but I guess I’ll be lonely by the end of the week.


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