The Big Chill 2008 – My Preview


Glasto weekend. But I’m starting to really look forward to the Big Chill. Fingers crossed its nice and dry. Thought I’d do a little blog sharing some of people I’m looking forward to seeing.

So, first up, female vocalists: I’m looking forward to seeing Roisin Murphy again; I saw her a couple of years back, and she’s great live. Mad as a hatter.

Another female singer I’m looking forward to seeing is Camille: lots of French vocal looping.

A new musical discovery is Lykke Li. She seems like she’d be good live too. Little girls making kooky music.

Now, onto big bands and orchestras. 🙂 Now, these are going to be good. First up, I’m really really looking forward to seeing the Matthew Herbert Big Band again. I saw them about 4, 5 years ago when they first toured, and it was easily one of my top 5 gigs of all time (alone with EST, Porcupine Tree, ACSS, Heritage Orchestra, PlantLife, ok, I’ve gone past 5 now haven’t I)

Now, while I’m excited about seeing Herbert’s Big Band again, I’ve really looking forward to THIS:

What a crazy crazy idea. I approve. 🙂 Should be amazing to watch 🙂

And if that’s not enough, there’s also The JB Horn’s AfroFunk All-Stars tribute to James Brown, Simon Emmerson’s Imagined Village. Not to mention Orchestra Baobab and the Hot 8 Brass Band.

Oh, and Bill Baily and Ben Goldacre.

Only a month to go 🙂 Shame Fat Freddies Drop have cancelled, I’ve got my fingers crossed  that PlantLife will be a late addition, but that’s probably too optomistic.

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