Alasdair’s Pick of Youtube Music Clips: The 1980s

Well, while I’ve said that I don’t see the attraction of browsing youtube in the past, I now admit that i was wrong. I cleary didn’t have the free time needing to be filled. But now I do. And ‘lo and behold, I’ve been wasting time looking up bands I like on youtube. So I thought I’d share what I’ve found. I’ll start with stuff from the 80s. (And before anybody starts argueing, yes, not all the songs were written in the 80s. But I’m just going with the date of the gig the clip is from.)

Talk Talk

How come there are no pop bands anymore? I don’t mean girl/boy bands. I mean proper bands with real musicans. I discovered Talk Talk last year (via Beth Gibbons brilliant solo album). The Colour of Spring and The Spirit of Eden are both superb albums.

Give It Up .

It’s My Life.

Talking Heads

Same comment as above. Such a funky band. šŸ™‚

Burning Down The House. (So much faster than the studio version!)

Life During Wartime.

Psycho Killer. (With a nutty solo from Adrien Belew at the end)

John Martyn

While his (mainly) acoustic albums from the 70s are his best, he still did a lot of great stuff in the 1980s. I like how he’s kept on changing his style over the years despite what fans and critics may say.

Sweet Little Mystery

Dealer. (Ali – if we get cracking with this band, we’ve got to cover this tune!)

King Crimson

It looks like Bryne’s taste in suits rubbed off on Belew…

Elephant Talk. Nutters. All of them. Although they’re all nutty in a different way and make strangely compelling music.

Frame by Frame.

Robert Palmer

Addicted To Love. Cool song. Bad fashion.

Joni Mitchell

Black Crow. With the late great Jaco on bass.

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