Renting Flats (from today’s Guardian)

While this article (Lost In Neverland) is mainly about life in a new build (presumably in London) I can relate to most of what she’s saying.

(The article appears to be cut from her blog: Renter Girl.) I’ve ended up moving about once a year since I came to Edinburgh. Which is a bit crappy. Especially as you generally have to pay “admin fees” just shy of £100 each time. And pay for them to do a credit check. I looked into buying a flat a year ago but gave up – there’s no way my humble grant will cover it. Even if I had a proper graduate job I’d be struggling to find anywhere nice to live.

While my Morningside flat isn’t too bad, it does suffer from drafty windows. I can’t imagine the estate agents doing anything about it if I told them. Depressing to think of the money I’m wasting. Single pane windows (with rotting drafty frames) in Edinburgh, in winter, just don’t cut it. There are also some really wobbly floorboards that could do with being fixed. I can’t see that happening. On the plus side, the rotting, moulding shelf in the shower has finally fallen off. Why somebody put an untreated wooden shelf in a shower I don’t know. We’ve asked the estate agents for a new one (we’re not allowed to replace anything ourselves) and they haven’t done anything. Ho hum.

Anyway, i really just wanted to share the link. As i read it on the bus home this afternoon.

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