Kylie Auldist: Just Say – Alasdair’s Tip for CD of the Summer

Kylie Auldist » Tru Thoughts artists

Just thought I’d give this album a thumbs up. It was an impulse buy from Tru-Thoughts’ MP3 net shop (shock horror – I never usually never buy mp3s. Kinda wish I had the cd now). Anyway, I thought it was ok for an afternoon listen. Then i quite liked it on my second listen. And now, several listens later, it’s probably my cd of the summer. It’s nothing fancy, just good old fashioned soul/funk done well. Tight grooves from The Bamboos, good vocals (Kylie’s vocal range is about the same as James Browns’ singing range). Good songs, and happy vibes 🙂 And a lot more grounded than the sheer craziness of PlantLife’s new album (which is great, but mad).

Nuff said.

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