A new bicycle

I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of sitting on warm buses now it’s sunny outside and have bought myself a new bike to cycle to uni and back (maybe not every day, as it’s 7 miles, but at least a couple).Unfortuantly , as soon as i got the bike the weather turned overcast and it started to rain 😦 And today, when I bused it in form Louisa’s flat, it’s nice and sunny again!Grrr. Scottish weather eh.

I’ve not done anything exciting musically recently. Slowly working on a few recordings when I get the chance is about it – I’ve recorded a lovely new intro for Amy (on of Al K’s songs), first bass recording that I’ve done and been 100% happy with. Also had fun recording Louisa’s new egg shaker!

I imagine that I’ll be back to gigging a bit next month. And there should be a new track from Bard soon featuring me on bass.

And now back to work … the exciting world of textural defect detection using gabor filters today. Looking forward to tonight though, off swing dancing! Beginners’ Shag! Oh er…. And just when I was getting the hang of Lindy Hop.

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