Go Review 6kyu v 6kyu

August 29, 2015

In order to try and improve my Go playing, I have decided to write some reviews on my games. I doubt (m)any people will be interested, but my hope is that by going to the effort to write out the review, I will also put more effort in to the actual review and gain more from the experience. Hopefully it will lead to me playing better go too 🙂 So without further ado, here is the first game.

I am playing white, we have 25minutes clock time, and 6.5 komi. The opening is pretty straight forward with both players taking adjacent star points (hoshi). Black approaches, I back off low (no reason to pincer), and black then backs off with a large knight. Not the move I would have played, or one that I know much about (D2 and 4 are the more obvious moves), but it is played by professionals, so there’s no reason to think it’s anything other than an excellent move.



With move 8, I have sente so I decide to approach Q3 to prevent black creating a “double wing” formation. So far, so simple.

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A little review that i missed

September 15, 2008


I didn’t know people reviewed performances at OotB, so I missed this first time around. I get the feeling that they say nice things about everybody, but it’s still nice to hear that somebody was listening and cared enough to write a few words.

Al and Al Can you be too good? There’s a great interplay between this guitar and bass duo, melodies on both instruments intertwining, but it feels like they would be as proficient even if no-one was listening. Because of this, and the late hour, the audience starts to drift off. If they were to cock an ear, though, they’d be treated to a honey bass voice that’s used as a tenor, and beautiful flourishes and harmonics on guitar. They finish with ‘Trees’, which is a love song to the aforementioned. Not in that way, though. Well, I hope not. Anyway, its seriously impressive stuff – hope they come back.