Cantor: Taking the obvious step.

January 22, 2009

Well, this should be interesting. I guess it will be a good reality check for Cantor. Although, of course, if it doesn’t work, we will continue with the elitist arrogance, at least for a while longer. Cause it’s fun. And we’re better than you.*

So, anyway, on tonight’s menu, we will be by doing the obvious. Now you may ask, does doing the obvious not go against everything you pretend to believe in? Well, we would answer that question with a “yes, but…” with the but being we have a band with a Warr Guitar and two normal guitars, one of which is being enticed to play in NST. So of course we’re going to bloody well try and play a King Crimson song.

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January 18, 2009


the weekend is nearly over. Been a good weekend though. 🙂 Friday night I went to see Preston Reed with some friends. Which was good. The Lot is a lovely wee venue (I hope to play there one day), and it’s nice walking distance home. A couple of (expensive) beers, and some good chat from Matt and Doug. A nice evening 🙂

Oh, the day before was pretty exciting too. Had the first practise with Matt and Doug this year. Maybe that was why I enjoyed Friday so much. Anyway, the band is now called Cantor and has a myspace to boot. Yes, it’s kind of similar to my old old old uni rock band Cantus Cealestius (shout out to Moz, Justin, Rik and Dan), [It appears that Cantus now longer have an Internet presence. Oh for those heady days before Myspace!]

Anyway, I didn’t come up with the name Cantus, and I didn’t pick Cantor. Anyway, Cantor: set theory and the transfinite. Yes, naming your band after the guy who defined infinity is maybe a little bit too much, but I can’t see things getting any more sensible from here on in. We’ve already turned our back on drummers, at least for the time being: we think it is unlikely that we’ll find a drummer that we’d like anytime soon. We also think it is unlikely that we’d find a drummer who’d like us anytime soon too. So just giving up seemed a sensible suggestion. If you are reading this and you are a drummer (a good drummer, who doesn’t mind playing simply and who doesn’t mind playing complicatedly) then please get in touch. Ditto for keyboard/electronic people. As long as you don’t mind playing next to nothing sometimes.

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