Bread Blog 2

January 25, 2009


the other day we put the bread machine to great use and made a calzone:



Worked a treat! And there was some left for lunch the next day! It was even better than the pizza we made with Ali the week before!

And bread fans, yes, you!, currently, I am in the process of, making, can you tell I can hardly contain my excitment, no, me neither, anyway, currently, I am trying to make….. baps! For my lunch tomorrow! The world of bread is indeed an exciting one. I think i’ll buy some of the Wallace & Gromit branded flour next time I’m in Waitrose. 🙂

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Bread Blog #1

January 10, 2009

Question: what is better than getting a bread machine for Christmas?

Answer: getting a bread machine for Christmas and having a lovely girlfriend who will make you bagels while you spend your Saturday morning in a band practise (thanks Louisa)

So, just so we can see what Ali K missed… hit more for some fresh bagel action.

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