And another gig with Calum…. Blue Wednesday feat. Neoviolet and some other people

April 6, 2010

And here’s another last minute gig. Calum’s been asked to host Blue Wednesday this month (at the Forest Cafe) and as such will be playing a little set of his own material, and yours truly will be along to to accompany him on bass. His band, Neoviolet are also playing and worth checking out. So come along… as I have the day off work, I might investigate my new box of tricks and see if I can fit it into the set somewhere.

Oh yes, and I handed in my thesis 🙂

One more little set to add to the list…

April 2, 2010

Hi Alasdair,

Can you come and play bass for three songs on Tuesday 6th April (which
is next week)? Paul Gilbody has had a cancellation and offered me a
three song set at Acoustic Edinburgh. So my plan is to go in, play a blinding three
song set (which would require you on bass) and wow them that much that
they feel like tits for treating me like an also ran.

That’s if you’re free. If you’re not, i will turn down the opportunity i think.
Let me know anyway,

it’s 7pm at Medina on Tuesday to do a quick line check if
that’s okay, and i expect we’ll probably be on quite early, probably
first, though he didn’t say.

Calum C…….

Some Upcoming Gigs

March 31, 2010

Here are some upcoming gigs. I’ll be accompanying Calum Carlyle on bass, and will be playing ‘cello with Lindsay and the Storm. All gigs are in Edinburgh, unless it says otherwise.

15th April, 9pm – Calum Carlyle – Featured Artist at Out of the Bedroom. The Tron

24th April – ?pm – Calum Carlyle – The Hide @ The Argyle Bar

25th April – 8pm – Lindsay and the StormThe Listening Room, The Blue Blazer

29th April – 8pm – Lindsay and the Storm Concrete Campfire,  Bar Brel, Glasgow

30th April – 8pm – Lindsay and the Storm – MUSA Arts Cafe, Aberdeen (Note: don’t know if I’m playing this gig or not yet)

22nd May – 2:30pm – Calum CarlyleElvis Shakespeare, Leith Walk

2nd June 7pm – Lindsay and the Storm – Secret CDs – The Poenix Cellar Bar

6th June – 8pm – Lindsay and the Storm AcousticAragon, Glasgow

7th June – ?pm – Lindsay and the Storm – The Voodoo Rooms

An Update from Alasdair

September 14, 2008

Hello avid readers.

What reader you may ask? Well, somebody must be reading. And I don’t see how Ali, Louisa, Lucy and Colm have contributed to nearly 10k hits. And I know I certainly don’t waste my time reading my own blog. Hell, I usually fail to write posts in the first place.

Anyway, now that I’ve finished wittering away, hit “more” for some news on some gigs and other stuff.

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AlKandAlC Gigs (and EP) and the birth of Skuas

August 12, 2008


First up, gig plug! Hope some of you can make it along. Am really looking forward to an old-styleee duo gig with Ali. And then on Sunday, first gig for the band with the new expanded line-up. Hope it goes well!

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Just a wee reminder – AlKandAlC on Wednesday

February 3, 2008

back at the Forest, for the first Blue Wednesday of 2008. The line up is:

Dave Law Band


Roger the Bluesfather

Should be a good night, as usual. We have our new favourite song to play and will hopefully be debuting a new song. It’ll probably be a little rough around the edges but… if we play it fast enough nobody will notice 🙂 What’s more, it’s not in D. Actually, I don’t think there’s a D chord in the whole song…

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we should hopefully have a few guests to join us on stage, Casey and Jenny. Backing singers a gogo… AlK will be smiling no end, I’m sure. Hopefully Louisa will be joining us on guitar one day soon too….

That’s more or less it. I have a fun week of re-working my paper in order to resubmit it (basically, the reviewers like my experiment, thought it was really interesting and novel, but didn’t like my discussion and analysis. But hey, we’re pretty new in the field and are still working what’s hot and what isn’t!).


My Busy Week Continues

October 25, 2007

Thursday already! Time is flying. Had a great jam with Ali last night, worked on tidying up a load of loose bits and bobs in the set for Sunday. While doing all that we of course started to change the songs again, it seems to happen every week. Louisa has requested we play the old style Sailor Song, so we have to relearn that, and Amy almost has a new coda. And Ali wants a mandolin! (Me personally, I’m still waiting for him to play his lap steel guitar at an Al&Al gig!)

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