A more adventurous cycling tour! – pt VIII

Ok, two years later and I never did finish writing this up! As Micha is due to arrive tomorrow morning for our 2018 trip (Edinburgh -> Colchester), I thought it might be a good idea to finally finish off this last chapter of the 2016 trip.

Friday 27th May

After climbing up a mountain on our “day off”, we took it a little easier today and made 56miles to Island Pond in Brighton, Essex (Vermont). American place names are amusing.

We were in the back half of the trip so as usual, I’m not bothering to stop and take as many photographs.


Seems a strange place for a school bus to end up.


A very rural gas station.


We spent quite a while following the route of the Conneticut River which was nice and relaxing. Today felt a lot flater than previous days, which I was very pleased about.


One day, it would be a lot of fun to do a tour by canoe rather than bike!


This was back in 2016, before the United States had declared war on Canada.

We set up camp later afternoon in a forest. This turned out to be a really bad move, as by sunset, the tent had really heated up It felt like being inside some sort of oven.


Is that a fire pit I spy?


They sure do like their flags in this part of the world.


My feet feel much muh much happier now.

Once it got dark, we decided to set fire to some things. Sadly, no marshmallows. But still, it was fun!


Micha contemplates his future

After dark, a mousterous thunder storm broke out somewhere in the distance. It sounded close, but it stayed dry where we were. To add to the atmosphere, I was introduced to the nighttime call of the loon. Vry eerie.

Saturday 28th May

Our penultimate day, and our triumphate return to Canada!


It’s nice here. Do I really have to get on my bike again?


I was very happy to find out that the border didn’t involve such a steep hill this time.


I really liked this tree. We were friends. Sadly, afew minutes after this photo was taken, we had to get going again.


Micha continues to stare in to the future.

Saturday 29th May

Our final 65 miles back to Montreal! I think I’m actually going to make it: clearly I am fitter than I give myself credit for.



Which Micha thought he should carry his own personal warning road sign with him for the whole trip, I don’t know


Racing against the storm.


My main memory of Quebec is mile after mile of straight cycle lane.


We’re making progress!


This seems excessive?


Although it was a lot of fun to cycle down at speed!


And, we’re back!


It finally all seems worth it!



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