Al & Moz’s Final (?) Tour of the Hebrides – part 4

Ulva was nice. Ulva was nice and quiet. Just what I needed. Although, I didn’t quite manage to “get away from it all”, as the conversation over beer turned to life events. I have to admit, I’m quite jealous of Moz getting the opportunity to “settle down.” I’m finding academia increasingly unfulfilling in that sense. I have no idea where Louisa will be living by the end of the year, and no idea what I’ll be doing this time next year. The job market is tough, the competition is tough, and there’s a built-in expectation that people should be prepared to move anywhere and everywhere required. If we’re really lucky, we’ll end up with jobs in the same country. But I know a few couples who live on different continents.

Anyway, life is too short to spend too much time worrying about the future. And it’s now morning and we have to lug our stuff back to the pier to get the ferry back over to mull. Hard work, but at least we could get a coffee and cake at the other end.


The ferry crossing back over to Ulva.

The ferry crossing back over to Ulva.

So the plan today is to cycle over to Salen, then up to Tobermory. I decide it’s not worth expressing an interest in exploring the north-west corner of the island. Moz looks a bit tired and is already making noises about cancelling the nature tour on Sunday and heading back tomorrow (Saturday) instead.

Rotting ships north of Salen

Rotting ships north of Salen

The cycle up to Tobermory wasn’t particularly inspiring – apparently the west is more scenic.

Time to get aquanted with the island's whisky.

Time to try the island’s whisky.

We head through the town to the local campsite and pitch up. The campsite appears to be mainly populated with people with giant 4×4 cars and giant tents with macbooks and tvs. Is this really camping? I already miss Ulva.

Still, Tobermory is a pretty little town and I pick up a bottle of the local whisky to take back with me, so mustn’t grumble.

Colourful houses

Colourful houses

Over a pint, we decide to cut the trip short. We spend Saturday heading back down to Craignure and catch the lunchtime ferry back to the mainland. Seems a bit of a shame, but hey, it’s been a nice short trip and, unbelievable, the weather has pretty much held.

I end up chatting to an American on the ferry over who has been touring on his own for the last few weeks. I manage to get his contact details in order to get some advice on planning a cycling tour in the US one year

Back home, and Louisa has baked me an awesome birthday cake 😀


Cake! Thanks Louisa!

All in all, another good trip. I just wonder if I’ll manage to arrange one for next year.

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