Two versions of Don’t be a Stranger

I’m hoping to get a new PC this autumn and in an attempt to cut down on the amount of stuff I’ll need to backup and copy across to a new system, I’m slowly going through old Cubase, FL Studio and Reaper projects and working out what to keep and what to bin. There’s a lot of half done stuff kicking around on my hard disc drive.

The first track to be saved from the windows recycle bin in the sky is Don’t be a Stranger an old AlKandAlC track. This was put together from the rouigh tracks we recorded when we were thinking of recording a “(home) studio” album…. with ideas of adding in synths and drums and stuff. I’d probably been listening to too much John Martyn, Tunng, and stuff like that. Sadly, we never actually finished anything, but there are a couple of recordings with decent guidetracks and some intial idea of adidtional midi parts, this being one of them.

Personally, I’m not sure my additions did anything to impove the track. Ali’s probably just left to his own devices. Here’s an older version of track before I had had much of a chance to mess around with it. Decide for yourself.


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