Developing Dominion: Day 4

(well, it’s really day 5, but post 4).

Anyway, a few small updates. Hopefully you can play it here.

  • The AI is still stupid. And it never takes advantage of any bonus actions.
  • I’ve implemented most of the “simple” core cards. If I’ve missed anything obvious, let me know.
  • I’ve started adding in some flexibility to my code so I can implement cards with “small print.” So far, the only one that I’ve added is the witch.

Plans for the next update mainly involve creating some simple algorithms that will allow the AI to play its current hand sensibly.
ie, instead of picking an action card from its hand at random, it should first play cards such as village which grant it addition actions. It should also aim to maximise the amount of money it will have in the buy phase. This is a pretty simple heuristic, although it doesn’t place any value on making other players pick up curses, or gaining the ability to buy more than one card.

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