Day 3 of my Dominion AI project

Ok, a few bugs have been fixed and I think the implementation is now playable. If you can find a bug, please let me know. Or any other suggestions![I have a sneaking suspicion that the player decks aren’t working properly, but I’m not sure… will do some digging].

So, assuming I don’t find any more bugs, I’ll soon by able to start work on coding some AI algorithms 🙂 I’ll start with a few baseline dumb algorithms.

  • random1: play actions randomly, and buy cards randomly (although I’ll tell the AI to never buy curse cards.
  • random2: as above, but it will always try and buy the most expensive card it can afford.
  • big money: a common, simple and effective strategy. The algorithm only buys silver, gold or provinces.

I’ll also have to write some code to save game results for future analysis. 🙂



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