Day 2 of my Dominion AI project

Ok, no progress on the AI last night, but my code now supports human intelligence! (Ie, you can play against the AI. Which is useful for checking that the game has actually been implemented properly!)

Will I haven’t quite finished implementing the game rules, you can have a peak here if you like.

Known bugs:

  • the game currently doesn’t let you pass.
  • related to the above, if you play a card that grants extra actions, but have action cards to play, then you’re stuck
  • I need to give better feedback on what the AI is doing.

I’ll hopefully fix some of these tonight. If you spot any other bugs, please let me know. And also bear in mind that the AI is just playing randomly… it’s as likely to buy a curse card as anything else. Once I get the interface working a little smoother, I’ll start implementing some simple, and not so simple, heuristics.



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