A week off work: Lots of things to do.

Well, my week off hasn’t started that well… spent the morning in work as I had a list of things that needed done. And now I’m home, and it looks like the week’s going to be pretty busy. On the to-do list we have:

  • Record Warr guitar parts for the next track on the Invisible Helpers EP. This will probably take longer than I’d like, but will be good for my technique… I’ll find out just cleanly I can play all those arpeggios.
  • Make some noticeable progress on some of the tracks for my collab EP.
  • Take my old fretted Warwick bass to Red Dog. The instrument’s action is all wrong (loads of fretbuzz) and I’m also wondering if I should get it re-varnished.
  • Start learning how to play lead-guitar style parts on the Warr. In particular, find where all the interesting notes are. I can find the obvious notes, and the wrong notes. Although I have a hunch that the problem isn’t with the notes at all: it’s how I play them
  • Play my ‘cello a bit. As the poor thing has been sitting in it’s case for too long
  • Read a few journal papers. Preferably over coffee.
  • Work out the best way to attach my pedals to my pedal board.

And finally, I’m also off to see the adaptation of the Wind Up Bird Chronicles in the Internation Festival, and Shooglenifty in the Fringe.

Lets see how much of that I get done.

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