Some Recordings That I’m On


spring eh. A nice time of year. Especially as my fear of immenent unemployment looks like it will be unrealised. At least until 2012. Which is good. And the weather is improving. And I’ve finished the draft paper that I’ve been stuggling with. And resubmitted another paper, which all going well will get published. And Louisa has just suggested meeting at the pub in a bit. So things are pretty good.

Musically, as usual, I’ve not been up to as much as I would like. I guess I’m losing enthusiasm as I head towards 30. Which is a great shame. I would really put a bit more effort in. I have a lot of ideas. On the plus side, even though neither of them are “mine”, I am featured on a couple of local releases.

The Invisible Helpers is Norman Lamont‘s new band, and we played our debut gig last month at Secret CDs. You can hear our new “Double A Side” single (ie, demo) here. I’m playing bass on Touched Again, and a little Warr guitar on The Desert Was Better. Norman’s one of the local musicans that I have a lot of time for, a very good song writer and seems to be very consistent. While I’d happily arrange a lot of his stuff in a different way, I haven’t heard a bad song by the guy. They’re all pretty poetic with lots of interesting ideas. So, because of this, I’m trying to hold off a little in my input in the band, I tend to have a habit of messing with arrangements and experimenting for the hell of it, and I’ll happily admit its not always warrented. So the emphasis for me is on the playing, rather than writing/arranging, and working out how to put the warr gutiar to good use is challenge enough for now. Maybe the dynamic will change as I gain confidence on the warr, who knows.

Also, a congratulations to Lindsay for finally getting her album out. I’m told that somehow, my wonky cello playing made it onto two of the tracks (you can probably work out which two by listening). Which is nice, even if I was kicked out the band. I should really get round to getting a copy of the cd to go on my shelf.

Other things

There was some quiet, hesitant noises coming from AlkAndAlC land. The Ali went a travelling round South American. Lucky git. For nine weeks. Lucky git. I think he’s back now, but no idea if he’s still interested in playing some gigs. And we’d have to work out how to play the old songs, which is more difficult than we though.  Turns out playing daft little love songs in modal D can actually be pretty challenging.

Finally, still toying with the idea of “my own  band.” Obviously not fronted by yours truely (who’d want to watch or listen to that?!?!) But form a band, as a band, rather than as a vehicle for a singer/songwriter. Maybe Ed and I will get out act together this year. Or maybe we’ll just talk about it down the pub some more. 🙂

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